Bellow our specially designed accessories for Noori V01®



EMBER shield
Avoids unwanted embers on the floor

The Noori® Ember Shield has been specially designed to prevent unwanted dropping off embers and soot on the floor. Made of enamelled carbon steel, the shield keeps the air flow constant and at the same time protects the environment from unwanted embers. IMPORTANT: Handle with specific gloves for heat through the center pin.



Easy handling

The tool for moving the grills should be inserted into the middle hole of the half moon grate, as shown in the second image on the side. Made of carbon steel it is also a bottle opener, using the cut. It is not necessary to use gloves.


1 half-moon grill + 3 axes

Gain one more surface for food preparation, with greater distance from the heat center. The Noori® Extender kit consists of 4 pieces: a half-moon grate, and 3 axles with nuts. To add to your Noori® simply screw the axes into the 3 circular openings, and just support, in the circular openings, the half moon grid supported on the support ring.



The Noori V01@ cover was designed especially for the V01 model, with all the details designed to protect your Noori from rain and sun. Hand-woven with a sustainable fabric that blends cotton fibbers with re-use of pet plastic, it also has an impermeable inner layer. On the back features a carabiner to secure the Noori® toolkit. Very simple to put it.



compartments for 5 tools

The Noori® tool case has 3 tools compartments for fire (tongs, forks and spatulas), and has space the extensor pins of the half-moon grate, lighters, among others. It can be attached by a carabiner to the back of the Noori® cover.

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