Its Easy! To assemble it just follow the 9 steps.
We advice to set it with 2 persons



Bellow very important maintenance tips to extend the durability of your Noori V01®



The "First burn" is part of the cure of refractory concrete and serves to prevent the appearance of cracks on the surface.


Noori's "First Burn" should be made without the rocket system. The fuels chosen may be charcoal or firewood, which should be burned gradually at the bottom of the burner for 2 hours.


Do not use flammable fuels such as gasoline, alcohol or other. Alcohol gel lighters are allowed.



> Cleaning the grills can be made easier with them still hot after each use and with a normal sponge.


> Cold grates should be brushed with vegetable oil to be stored, avoiding rust on the enameled cast iron.



> The lid, support ring, and rocket system should be stored without firewood, charcoal or ashes inside. We recommend cleaning with a soft dry cloth inside and out. If necessary they can be washed with water, neutral soap and soft sponge and should be dried immediately with a soft cloth.



> Refractory parts can be washed with water, neutral soap and brush if necessary, and should be dried in an airy environment and wait for 12 hours to warm up.



> Some Noori components, such as wooden handles, have their survival diminished if they are continuously exposed to the sun and rain. We advise you to leave the Noori sheltered, under cover, or use our Noori®  Cover.


> Use our protective cover to prevent wear of parts: rust, mold, and excess moisture. The cover should be placed only after use and at temperatures below 50oC, and never with embers inside the Noori.


Bellow important safety tips


> Do not subject Noori to mechanical impact - it consists of two pieces of concrete that can break during mechanical shocks, such as falls, leaps, collisions, or other.


> Do not subject Noori to thermal impact - it is a piece of refractory concrete that withstands high temperatures but can crack, crack or break when subjected to thermal shocks such as hot water contact. So do not throw water on your Noori while it's hot.


> Avoid moving your Noori when its on fire, if you want to move it, make sure you have no other object on it.


> Noori can be moved by its foot with castors only on flat surfaces absent from cracks, steps, holes or any element capable of locking one of the wheels. During the movement it is recommended to remove the lid, the upper grilles and the tube I of the rocket system.


> If it is necessary to transport it to uneven floors (such as lawns, uneven stone floors, sand, others) you must dismantle your Noori and mount it at the desired location.


Be careful not to touch your hands on any part except your handles. If you need to handle when warm, you should wear heat-resistant gloves, or with the tools indicated.


Avoid proximity to children and animals. Take precautions when using the equipment near surfaces such as carpets, carpets, flammable, rubberized floors, and others.

warranty and services

Noori V01 is a unique and numbered piece.
We combine crafts and Industrial techniques on our building process, and each Noori has its own characteristics


Noori® warrants that the Refractory Concrete parts are free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year.
If the product presents itself fabrication defects we assure that a NEW Refractory Concrete Body will be available for FREE to withdraw at our warehouse.
*The shipping and taxes are not included, but we can help assisting the process with no fee.

replacement CATALOGUE

Aiming at the longevity of our products, we offer an exclusive catalog for replacement of all components, with special prices to the owner of Noori V01. To access the table, contact us at:


Todas as informações desta página e muitas outras adicionais sobre os usos, 
estão contidas no nosso manual. Faça o download.


Ao adquirir um modelo Noori, você recebe uma cópia impressa com o seu número de série assinado por nós, é através dele que você será identificado no nosso SAC.