Noori® V01 Stone finish, can be used as a wood stove, wood oven, barbecue, fireplace, pizza oven. Is delivered in natural finish. Its lid, lid base and internal piping are finished in enameled paint; the cast iron grids. The Noori® Pizza Disc (already included) allows you to bake bread and make pizza; and with the Noori® Grid Tool (already included) you can handle the grids with ease.

The following components are part of your Noori® V01:

  • Pizza Noori® Disc
  • Noori® grid tool
  • Tripod with casters
  • Lower refractory body
  • Top refractory body with wooden handles
  • 8 "Rocket Tubing (L)
  • Piping i 8 "(I)
  • Cover base
  • Cover with handle and thermometer
  • Middle grill + central cover - enamelled cast iron
  • Two "Half Moon" Grilles - enameled cast iron

UPC: 0745760708000

Brand: Noori®

Noori® V01 - Stone

Noori V01 - Stone

SKU: 0745760708000
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