Noori is born on 2018 in São Paulo, Brazil



Gathering around the fire is one of the oldest sociocultural habits we have preserved. Its control, which originated the development of cuisine, has become one of the great transformations of human history. In the traditional country house, the wood stove was always in evidence: it was around him that the rest of the house was built. Nowadays, the kitchen gains evidence in architectural projects and returns to be a social space, but often the restrictions of space and structure prevent the rescue of the old custom of lighting the fire and there remain cooking and talking, outdoors.

Noori, which means “my fire, my light” and is the name given to newborns in Arabic and Hindu, was conceived by
Eduardo Gayotto. Eduardo, who is a Designer, grew up around the wood stove, piloted by his mother and close aunt and uncle on weekend get-togethers. After an immersion in Permaculture (IPEMA), which is a synthesis of traditional knowledge and modern science, with the integration of design and ecology, he met the Rocket Stove, a vertical wood stove in "L" which, through its proportion (1:2 :3), maximizes fuel usage, produces more heat with the least amount of firewood possible. ​

Starting from this proportion and with a problem to be solved - how to design a Rocket Stove that added a grill, an oven and a heater - the doodles began. Eduardo then invited two friends to join the project, Plinio Ruschi and Pedro Heldt.

Drawings, prototypes, search for partner suppliers, research, more drawings, and more challenges until the creation of Noori® V01, which had a refractory concrete body.

With references ranging from the São Paulo school of architecture, Scandinavian furniture design (Eduardo lived in Sweden) to Archigram, a group of English architects from the 1960s, the creation of its form was intuitive - rocket, means rocket in English. The next step would be the search for materials and suppliers, always aiming at their durability. 

Launched in 2019, the Noori® V01 was awarded in several national and international competitions:

DWELL AWARDS 2021 - San Francisco - (Winner Best Object)

DEZEEN AWARDS 2019 - London - ( Shortlist - Homeware Design)
MADE LATINA - São Paulo - (winner 10m)
It's Liquid 2019 - Veneza - (Winner Best Object)

DESIGN / Form, Function and Durability 
The visibility acquired after the awards and repercussion in various media such as Wired, CoolHunter, Design Milk, Architectural Digest, among others, made it possible to sell to several countries such as the United States, Canada, Holland, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, passing through Dubai, United Arab Emirates until arriving in Australia and New Zealand, but the great weight and fragility of refractory concrete for transport over long distances, had a direct impact on the production chain.

As the essence of Design is problem solving, the best solution found was the evolution of Noori® V01 to Noori® V02.
Noori® V02 AIRY, in addition to optimizing the use of fuels such as firewood, coal and briquettes, combines the lightness and durability of steel. enameled with the thermal resistance of refractory concrete, now in the V02 AIRY present in 06 internal plates forming the innovative AIRY System — just remove some internal refractory plates and the flames are exposed, for greater contemplation of the fire.

Noori® V02 AIRY can also be easily assembled and disassembled (by one person only) without tools, and super portable, just put it in the trunk and take it with you anywhere. Launched in 2021, the Noori® V02 Airy also received important national and international design awards.

DEZEEN AWARDS 2021 - London - ( Long list - Product Design)
BRASIL DESIGN AWARDS 2021 - São Paulo - (Silver Medal)